Cheese Making Kits? Make your own cheese? What a cheesey gift! We’re all for buying specialist cheeses (obviously), but there is a time and a place for making your own! From Halloumi ready to grill to spreadable goats cheese to impress your guests.

We’ve got single cheese kits to the Ultimate Kit with eight different cheeses. Our personal favourite is the Mediterranean Kit which gives you the choice of Morzarella, Ricotta, Marscapone, Halloumi and Feta, and produces 20 batches in total.

And when you win awards like these kits do you know you’re in for a treat! Ailsa the founder even won and MBE!

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Cheese Making Kit – Goats Cheese

Each kit makes 10 batches, with a shelf life of 12 months!

Making your own Goat’s Cheese at home has never been easier with this incredibly simple Kit.

Fresh, soft and creamy? Or rich and crumbly? Goat’s cheese in under 2 hours…

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Cheese Making Kit – Halloumi

Uses 4 pints of cow’s milk, and makes 12 batches!

It’s incredibly straightforward, and a great introduction to cheesemaking.

The Cheese Making Kit – Halloumi comes with Organic Dried Mint so you can achieve that traditional Cypriot taste.

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Cheese Making Kit – Mozzarella & Ricotta

You’ll need 4 pints of cow’s milk to make 10 batches!

This simple kit contains everything you need to make your own fresh Mozzarella and Ricotta in under an hour!

Enjoy stretching and pulling this fun cheese.

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Cheese Making Kit – Ultimate

Each Kit makes 40 batches, and with a shelf life of over 12 months!

The ULTIMATE Cheese Making Kit contains everything you need to make 8 varieties of fresh delicious cheese:

Goats Cheese
Scottish Crowdie
Queso Blanco

And comes with a range of herbs and spices, 3 cheese moulds, and a glorious recipe book. Just add milk and you’re on your way….

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Cheese Making Kit- Mediterranean

Each kit makes 20 batches, and 5 different varieties!

All our Big Cheese Making Kits are 100% vegetarian and gluten free with a shelf life of over 12 months.

This Kit gives you everything you could possibly need to explore the world of Mediterranean cheeses, and impress your friends and family! It’s never been easier to make cheese in your own home!

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