We love traditionally produced cows milk cheeses, as we’re sure you do. Browse through our biggest selection of cheeses, from soft to hard, blue to crumbly.

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Beauvale Soft Cheese

A soft cheese with a silky, melt-in-the-mouth texture, Beauvale is a slightly milder blue that’s still rich in flavour.

It has a natural, thin coat made from full fat cow’s milk, giving it an indulgent, creamy taste.

Beauvale has certainly made a name for itself, winning Best Blue Cheese at the 2017 British Cheese Awards as well as being awarded a prestigious three stars in Great Taste Awards.

£4.00 per 200g
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Wyfe of Bath Hard Cheese

Wyfe of Bath take its name from Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales thanks to its nod to the flavours of Old England.

Hand-made by placing the curd in cloth-lined baskets, it has a soft, light-caramel colour and sweet rich flavours.

A vegetarian, Gouda-style cheese, Wyfe of Bath won Gold at the 2017 Artisan Cheese Awards.

£7.00 per 200g
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St James Soft Cheese

St James Cheese focuses on high-quality and unique flavours, making only a limited amount of cheese at their small Cumbrian dairy.

A washed-rind cheese created using traditional methods, it’s made daily from the warm, unpasteurised milk of the dairy’s flock of Lacaune ewes.

St James Cheese aims to deliver unusual flavours, which you’ll find in the different complex tastes you’ll get from just one single bite.

£7.00 per 200g
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Capability Brown Hard Cheese

Rich yet creamy, you’ll pick up lemon and lactic hints in this carefully-crafted cheese.

Made from pasteurised cow’s milk, it has a white, bloomy rind and a delicate smooth and salty taste.

Capability Brown is produced at Doddington Dairy in Northumberland, using milk from cows grazing on grass belonging to one of the UK’s most unspoilt areas.

£6.00 200g
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Starnachas Hard Cheese

Voted World’s Best Cheese at the International Cheese Awards, Stärnächäs is one of our Love Cheese favourites.

A hard cow’s milk cheese that’s sweet, robust and nutty, it’s perfectly ripened having been aged for just eight months.

There’s a smooth yet supple texture, with an odd crystal and a few small holes dotted throughout the paste.

£6.50 200g
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Cumin Gouda Yorkshire Cheese

This young Gouda is about three months old with a sweet and grassy flavour.

Dotted with cumin seeds in the traditional Dutch, Leidse kaas style, it’s made with quality milk straight from the cows of the North Yorkshire Moors.

Made by a social enterprise community using sustainable methods, this cheese is a speciality with only a small amount made to order.

£5.60 Per 200g
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Cantal Entre-Deaux Hard Cheese

Made from cow’s milk, this hard, aged cheese is famously straight from France’s Auvergne region.

Cantal Entre Deux is the mid-aged cheese in the Cantal cheese family, matured for 90 to 120 days to give it its well-ripened texture.

You’ll get the scent of butter and cream, as well as an earthy, slightly tangy and nutty taste that’s been a classic for over 2,000 years.

£5.00 Per 200g
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Jurrasien Hard Cheese

A hard, raw cow’s milk cheese, Jurassien is gaining popularity as it hails from the famous Jura mountain region in East France.

The name comes courtesy of its youthful qualities: it’s like a younger Comté, so is sweet, fruity and versatile.

Ripened for at least six months, it still keeps the fresh taste that makes it part of the family of some of the finest cheeses in the world.

£5.00 Per 200g
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Yorkshire Squeaky Cheese

This versatile cheese is rich and creamy with a balanced, well-blended flavour.

Like Halloumi, Yorkshire Squeaky Cheese is as delicious raw in a salad, as it is grilled or fried on a burger.

It’s melty, chewy, and oh so irresistible!

£5.00 Each (aprx. 200g)
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Bleu d’Auvergne

Named after the Auvergne region where it’s made, this blue cheese is a true French classic.

Semi-soft, smooth and grassy, the strong aroma of Bleu D’Auvergne makes it easy to distinguish and packs a punch on taste.

Traditional manufacturing methods give this cheese is unique appearance and taste, with blue moulds that create its classic veins.

£5.40 Per 200g
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Smoked Northumberland Cheese

Traditionally oak-smoked, with a smooth texture and a mild smokey flavour.

Smoked Northumberland is primarily a smooth and mellow cheese, with long-lasting overtones of smokiness.

A good place to start on a journey into artisan smoked cheese.

£6.50 Per 200g
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Waterloo Cheese

The Napoleonic British brie. Exquisitely buttery.

Waterloo has a creamy, firm texture and the ultimate buttery finish.

This is the perfect soft cheese for any cheese board, or any occasion.

£5.80 Per 200g
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