Yorkshire Pecorino Fiore Cheese

Per 200g

This Italian-inspired ewe’s milk cheese is made right in the heart of Yorkshire.

Yorkshire Pecorino Fiore is stronger, harder and more mature than a fresh soft Pecorino, yet keeps the cheese’s well-known nutty and milky flavours.

Made with traditional rennet, the outside of the cheese is rubbed with olive oil after maturing at the producer’s own home creamery in North Leeds.

Flavour Profile

Ageing for six months makes this version of Pecorino strong in flavour. You’ll really pick up the milky and nutty tastes that balance its pleasant sharpness.

Drink pairing

A gin with classic flavours is the perfect pairing with this mature cheese. We love Whitby Gin’s Wild Old Tom Edition: its fresh botanical flavours are a great match for this aged cheese.

About the producer

Mario Olianas, an Italian chef by trade, produces a range of Italian-inspired ewe’s milk cheeses from the production facility at his home in Adel, North Leeds. Mario hails from Sardinia and he’s settled in Yorkshire, bringing traditional Italian cheese production methods and flavours to God’s Own Country.

How to enjoy

Make the most of the Italian flavours of the cheese by enjoying it alone, sliced and paired with a classic gin. Though it’s harder than fresh, soft Pecorino, it’s still delicious grated over fresh pasta dishes or breads like focaccia.

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