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Bourgogne Cote d’Or Pinot Noir, Burgundy Red Wine

Bourgogne Cote-d’Or has a warm finish, making it a great dessert wine.

Its strong taste and distinctive aromas come from its sweet spices, woodland fruits and fresh red fruits.

You’ll enjoy this clean and dry wine with a traditional French blue cheese that’s a great match for its deep flavours.

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Les Vignerons de Maury, Maury 1928, Tuile

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This is a powerful and delicious fortified red wine that’s been aged in small barrels for many years.

Mature, deep in colour and deliciously nutty, you’ll notice unique aromas of toffee and fig.

It’s a strong wine, so ideal as an alternative to port with a crumbly, young cheese.

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Miss Harry, Shiraz Red Wine

Miss Harry is a red wine from Southern Australia, produced with a mix of carefully-grown grapes.

You’ll find a clever balance of spices and herbs with forest fruits, which give the wine a savoury aroma and flavour, and a bright red colour.

The name made it gain our attention, but it’s the specially-selected grapes and oak barrels used for production that give Miss Harry the flavours that make it one of our firm favourites.

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San Marzano ‘Talò’, Salento, Malvasia Nera Red Wine

A full-bodied Italian wine, Talo Malvesia Nera is intense in flavour.

Aged in French barrels for up to six months, it’s delicious, dense and aromatic.

The wine is warm and spicy, with vanilla, baked orange and ripe red fruits to give it an interesting finish. We recommend you pair it with a soft, yet rich cheese.

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