Private Cheese Tasting Events

Run your own private tasting event with your friends and family from the comfort of your own home.

About our private cheese tastings

Since lockdown began back in March, Love Cheese have been continually providing the good people of the UK mouth-watering cheese tasting experiences through the power of the internet. Now, we have revised these tastings so that you – yes, YOU – can run them for your friends and family!

With a variety of tasting options and regions, you will be able to pick the perfect bespoke package for you and your guests. We will also send the organiser the tasting notes and a “how to” so they will be able to take the lead and guide those joining you through a proper Love Cheese tasting.

Just to make everything yummier – if you have more than 24 households getting involved, you will have the option to have a member of the Love Cheese family to run your tasting for you!

What tastings can I do?

We have 4 different tasting options:

  • Best of British
  • Discover France
  • Discover Spain
  • Discover Italy

Of these options you then can choose the following:

  • Hosted – 2 full bottles of wine and 6 cheeses or 5 decanted wines and 5 cheeses
  • Self-Ran – 2 full bottles of wine and 6 cheeses or 3 full bottles of wine and 6 cheeses

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Cheese Tasting FAQs

Do you have any Non-Alc options?

Our non-alc options at the moment are simply a great cheese box! We can send out cheese boxes with crackers and chutneys. If you want this event hosted we can do that for £50 with a minimum of 24 households. If you want to run it yourself then it’s £40 per box.

Do you have vegan or veggie options?

We can do veggie options! Just let us know when enquiring with our events team about your requirements. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate vegan options just yet… But, don’t worry! We’re working on it!

How do I pay?

We will take payment from 1 person so it’s up to you guys to organise who you want to be in charge of payment. We require a final payment 2 to 3 weeks prior to your event. For hosted events we will require a deposit payment of 10% that we will invoice once the booking is all confirmed.

How will me and my guests get the tasting packages?

We will post the tasting boxes to you and your guests 3 days prior to the event.

I want to run my own event, can I do that?

YES! We have a self-ran events package where we will send you a “how to” guide so you know exactly how to run your own events. It will include;

  • How to taste the wines, cheeses and how to pair
  • An events checklist
  • A tasting menu
  • Tasting notes to send to your guests

Is there a minimum or maximum number of guests?

For hosted events there is a minimum requirement of 24 households, however if you would like a host and have less guests then we have a minimum spend of the equivalent of 24 – but don’t panic! We will include more products so you get your money’s worth.

What are the portion sizes?

You will get 80g worth of cheese and either full bottles of wine or if you choose the decanted option you will receive a quarter bottle of each wine.

What’s included in the price?

The wine, the cheese, the postage, VAT and the host (if going for hosted).

Contact our team to start your event.

Private Cheese Tasting Event Enquiry

To qualify for a HOST there is a minimum of 24 guests or a minimum spend.
*Please be aware we can only support Vegetarian options on the Best of British tasting option only.
Your event qualifies for a host, check which option you would like to go ahead with.

As a supplier of traditional, farmhouse cheeses they are quite often made to age-old methods and such many are non-vegetarian. We can only support Vegetarian options on the Best of British tasting option only.

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