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Please find some frequently asked questions and some points you may be interested to know. If you have a question not already answered please don’t hesitate to send us a message or give the shop a ring on 01904622967.

Your cheese order will be sent out in a secure double-walled cardboard box. The cheese will be packed snugly so as to protect it from excess movement during transit.

Will also put an ice pack into the box and send it by 24 hour delivery. This ensures freshness.

It’s hard to generalise the fridge life of all cheeses as they can vary hugely.

As a rough guide harder and more mature cheeses will last longer, whereas softer and smellier cheeses have a shorter life.

The best way to judge if your cheese is still good is by smell and taste.

After a while fresh cheese will start to develop a white mould which may be off putting. Your cheese is absolutely fine. This is a good sign, that your cheese is breathing and getting better. Scrap the mould off and carry on eating!

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If you have a message about a particular cheese we stock, or a cheese you like that isn’t on our site or you have a question about your order please fill out the following form. We aim to reply to all messages within a day. We apologise if it’s longer, but it may be harder to reply at peak times like Fridays and Saturdays.

Thank You.