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Virtual Testing Events

The virtual cheese tasting events are simple and an enjoyable experience for all. 

When you order your ticket we will send you, your tasting box the Friday before the live event. Once the date arrives for the event we recommend you sign in to your Facebook account, and take part in the event at 8.00pm on the relevant Saturday.

The live stream will be delivered by Harry Baines the owner of Love Cheese who will talk through pairing each carefully selected Wine with its respective cheese, and explaining a little about each, Harry will make sure that your weekends are entertaining and informative (if not a little tipsy).

Once you have ordered your ticket. We will send out your tasting box, which will arrive on Friday before the event. Ticket price includes the cost of delivery.

When your tasting box arrives, put the cheese in the fridge straight away. All white and rose wines should be chilled. Red wine and port can be served at room temperature.

Make sure to take the cheeses out of the fridge beforehand (we recommend an hour to an hour-and-a-half before the live event). It wants to come down to room temperature before you taste it.

The cheeses go well with your choice of bread, crackers and chutney, and you can also serve them with olives and meat.

To take part in the event order your ticket foe the specific event you would like to join and we ill send you all the details and your tasting box ready for the event.

All our virtual tasting events take place on the date specified at 8pm (usually a Saturday) and the video is a live guided experience on Facebook.

Each experience is delivered by Harry Baines the owner of Love Cheese.

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