Our Guide to Coping with Cheese Addiction

By Beth Davies

16th May 2017
2 min read

Here at Love Cheese, we want to be a constant loving support to all of our customers. We want to always be there, through thick and thin, through mild and mature. So, the first step, is admitting you have a problem.

We don’t blame you. You always had to have the last piece of brie on the cheese board. You were the one insisting New Years Eve wasn’t going to work without a baked Camembert as the clock struck 12. You poured more white wine into that glass when we told you you’d had enough. You didn’t listen. But we forgave you.

The self-control you lack when you enter Love Cheese, that need to grab another one of those French cheeses, can be explained. You are a cheese junkie. And there are scientific reasons backing you up on this.

Cheese is so addictive because it contains the protein casein, and this creates casomorphins when the dairy breaks down in your body. Dr. Neil Barnard, who runs the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, tells the Vegetarian Times, “Casomorphins attach to the brain’s opiate receptors to cause a calming effect in much the same way heroin and morphine do”.

So there you have it, cheese is a drug. Just like love. Just like heroin. It has been explained. We cannot argue with the truth.

In light of this truth, here at Love Cheese, we tell our customers to relish in this addiction. Why fight against it? Cheese tastes good. And as we shared last week in our Why Cheese is Good for You Post, it clearly is much healthier than heroin, and possibly love too. (we aren’t too cynical are we..? But cheese trumps romance, right?)

On that note, check out our online cheeses and purchase tonight’s dinner, delivered straight to your door, in the form of a cheese board from Our Online Shop.

Who knows, make it a romantic candle-lit affair, and see how you and your cheese addiction can work together! Enjoy Love Cheese in your own home. Tonight, light up a cheese joint and relax.

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Written By:

Beth Davies
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