We’ve all got at least one cheese lover in our lives, and with 98% of UK households buying cheese, it’s probably a few more than you think! This excellent selection of cheese gifts and homeware is perfect for the your favourite cheese-lover.

At Love Cheese, we define a cheese-lover as a person who dedicates a part of themselves to eating and tasting the finest and weirdest cheeses that the world has to offer. Although  you may think that these cheese-lovers have tried everything, but we stock a variety of different things that could definitely tickle anyone’s fancy, from cheese-virgin, to cheese connoisseur!

So what Cheese Gifts can you get them for birthdays, Christmas or Anniversaries etc.?

Well, we at Love Cheese have put our heads together and curated an interesting selection of cheesy gifts to spoil your loved ones with.

Our carefully curated selection of cheese gifts are bound to appeal to both the cheese expert and the curious-cheese-trier!

Our range of Cheese Making Kits are great for a hands-on experience with friends and loved ones. For those individuals who like more of an experiential cheese gift, we offer Kits that make Halloumi, Mozzarella & Ricotta, Goats Cheese, Mediterranean Cheese, and an Ultimate Kit.

The Bakers are perfect for those who like a more decadent cheese experience. All they need to add is a  creamy, unctuous Camembert, or a Goats Cheese log to enjoy this cheese gift that keeps on giving.

For those people who just love cheese, cheese, cheese; try one of our Cheese Hampers or Baskets that contain a selection of cheeses from your favourite cheese style. From the ‘All About the Blue’ Basket at £20, to ‘Highlights from the Continent’ Hamper at £250, there will definitely be something that will fits your cheesy gift needs.

If you are looking for something more bespoke, then do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our cheesemongers to organise something to suite your tastes.

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All about the Blue Basket

Why not just go straight for his favourites this fathers day with our “All about the Blue Cheese” Gift Basket? Three of our favourite Blue cheeses paired with a lovely Red Wine.

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Beer Cheese Basket

This basket revolves around the world of beer with locally brewed Ales, ale washed cheeses, toasted hops crackers and ale pickle. We reckon this can easily be finished in one sitting!

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Best of British Cheese Hamper

We’ve covered all the bases in our Best of British Hamper, Cheeses, Meats, Crackers, Wine and more. Whomsoever receives this gift will be beholden to you forever (probably!), or will at least be grateful forever!

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Cheese Making Kit – Goats Cheese

Each kit makes 10 batches, with a shelf life of 12 months!

Making your own Goat’s Cheese at home has never been easier with this incredibly simple Kit.

Fresh, soft and creamy? Or rich and crumbly? Goat’s cheese in under 2 hours…

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Cheese Making Kit – Halloumi

Uses 4 pints of cow’s milk, and makes 12 batches!

It’s incredibly straightforward, and a great introduction to cheesemaking.

The Cheese Making Kit – Halloumi comes with Organic Dried Mint so you can achieve that traditional Cypriot taste.

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Cheese Making Kit – Mozzarella & Ricotta

You’ll need 4 pints of cow’s milk to make 10 batches!

This simple kit contains everything you need to make your own fresh Mozzarella and Ricotta in under an hour!

Enjoy stretching and pulling this fun cheese.

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Cheese Making Kit – Ultimate

Each Kit makes 40 batches, and with a shelf life of over 12 months!

The ULTIMATE Cheese Making Kit contains everything you need to make 8 varieties of fresh delicious cheese:

Goats Cheese
Scottish Crowdie
Queso Blanco

And comes with a range of herbs and spices, 3 cheese moulds, and a glorious recipe book. Just add milk and you’re on your way….

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Cheese Making Kit- Mediterranean

Each kit makes 20 batches, and 5 different varieties!

All our Big Cheese Making Kits are 100% vegetarian and gluten free with a shelf life of over 12 months.

This Kit gives you everything you could possibly need to explore the world of Mediterranean cheeses, and impress your friends and family! It’s never been easier to make cheese in your own home!

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French Gift Basket

Spoil that gastronomique friend with our delectable French style Gift Basket. Starting strong with the Croix Salans, Viognier wine it only gets better. They can feast on Fleur du Maquis, a light ewe’s milk cheese rolled in mixed herb and juniper. Onto the Chabis, a soft mould ripened goats cheese thats rich and creamy. Then devouring the Epoisses, a soft cheese washed in brandy, it is as delicious as it is smelly.

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French Provenacle Goats Cheese Baker

Ideal for Goats cheeses but is also good for hot dips.

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Highlights from the Continent Cheese Hamper

We’ve put together the best of the best the continent has to offer to complement our favourite European cheeses. Try the Roquefort with the Truffled Honey or the Vacherin Mont D’or with Champagne. This Hamper is sure to set tastebuds alight.

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Love Cheese Gift Card

Not sure what cheese to buy? With a Love Cheese gift card you can buy anything, online or in-store! From cheese to wine or even one of our in-store tasting experiences.

Each gift card comes through with a digital code to use at the checkout.

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