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Gjetost Hard Cheese

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A Norweigan delicacy, that’s as sweet as caramel, with a sticky, fudge-like texture.

Gjetost is a concentrated, sweet block that tastes more like butterscotch than like actual cheese.

Made from the whey, rather than the curds.

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Quote from the Cheesemonger:

“One of our most unusual… More commonly found in the lunchbox of a crosscountry skier!” – Harry B.


Gjetost—pronounced ‘yay-toast’ – is a sweet treat originating from Norway, having been enjoyed in the mountains for over 500 years.

Made using a just the whey rather than the curds, and a similar method to Ricotta, Gjetost is slowly heated caramelising the milk sugars to produce the closest thing to fudge you will find on a cheese counter. Truly unique and delicious it is an delicacy that must be tried to be believed. Traditionally made from goat milk, this staple gets it unusual brown colour from caramelized milk sugars.

Surprise dinner guests with a dessert fondue made of gjetost, heavy cream, and a dash of bourbon. Or serve it with dried figs and apricots as an accompaniment to tawny port wine. It also makes a delicious addition to pasta sauce, making it creamy and adding layers of flavor. Try Gjetost melted slightly and spread on toast, with a hot cup of your favourite coffee for the perfect breakfast pick-me-up.

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