Langres Soft Cheese

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Unparalleled in richness, smooth and supple texture.

This is another smelly French cheese to delve into and tickle the taste buds! This cheese is milder than the renowned Epoisses but it is still salty and strong on the nose. Each bite leaves a melt-in-the-mouth feeling offering complex fruity flavours for you to indulge in.

Cute story alert!! Most cheese is usually flipped to have two flat sides, but langres is left on one side creating a natural dip in the top. This is because the french have langres as a celebratory cheese – so when they go to have it, they would cut a cross in the dip the night before and would pour prosecco into the cheese – the next day they would cut it open and enjoy this liquid gold concoction.




Cow's Milk

Quote from the Cheesemonger:

“Run out of glasses? Just pour some Champagne in the dip, and put a slit in the top to let the bubbles work their magic through the cheese.” – Harry B.

Flavour Profile: This cheese is washed in champers, giving the cheese a great flavour! It is slightly chalky on the inside and gooey towards the rind! Due to the wash, the rind is more punchy but the cheese itself is sweet and delicious

Drink Pairing: A French Cheese deserves a French wine!! We recommend Bourgogne, our light french pinot noir. Or… if you fancy a splurge, treat yourself and pair with champagne!

About the Maker: The Langres we sell comes directly from Hennart! Hennart’s company takes an approach to cheese based on know-how, technical excellence and the passion of its staff, matures, processes and gives value to the cheeses maturing day after day in their caves, farm cheeses or artisan cheeses mainly from raw milk.

How to Enjoy: Don’t spoil it – have this on its own and keep it for special occasions … like a birthday, graduation or a Tuesday… 


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