Langres Soft Cheese

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Unparalleled in richness, smooth and supple texture. Melt in the mouth.

The washed, orange rind has a strong aroma that hides a crumbly yet unctuous centre.

Langres has a mild, salty flavour with a luscious booziness.

Weight 180 g

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  • Unpasturised
  • Soft
  • Cow's Milk
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Quote from the Cheesemonger:

“Run out of glasses? Just pour some Champagne in the dip, and put a slit in the top to let the bubbles work their magic through the cheese.” – Harry B.


Langres is a classic French washed-rind cheese that originates in the Champagne region of Langres. Unusually during the maturation stage, this cheese is purposefully not turned in order to give it a distinctive dip in the top. This is used to pour champagne in.

This cheese’s distinctive orange rind is gained through a series of washes, first in annatto (a natural colourant), and then in Marc de Bourgogne. An eau de vie made from Champagne grape skins. Washing encourages the development of a pink-orange coloured bacteria to develop in the rind. This aids in the breakdown of the cheese’s lactic, chalky centre into something more unctuous and creamy.

Langres is best paired with a celebratory glass of Champagne. Or for something less sparkling you could try our favourite red pairing, Pinot Noir and our favourite white pairing, Viognier.


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