Spring and Summer Wines

By Elle Pimlott

28th April 2022
1 min read

Best wines and ports to be having this season…

We know we have quite the selection, and that can make it hard to know what to pick for your summer garden parties, or BBQs… So, we have gone through and whittled down our wines to those that go down well during the warmer months!

White Wines

What Harry has to say… “You just can’t go wrong with a bottle of white in summer.. food, no food… nibbles, no nibbles… friends, no friends.. it’s all good!”

Rose Wines

What Harry has to say… “L’ostal, Lumari and Archivio Rosato are all gentler, lighter, and really easy drinking wines. The Charles and Charles Rose is slightly thicker, still delicious and light, but it goes great with food – ideal for BBQs! The Gerard Bertrand Rose is something totally spectacular. It has a slight savoury, pepper finish making it a perfect partner for a goat’s cheese and rocket salad, it could even be paired with a steak to have instead of a red for the summer months”

Red Wines

What Harry has to say… “Reds in summer can still be thoroughly enjoyable, especially the lighter, fruitier wines. Barons Red is a perfect example, it is light and very similar to a Pinot Noir making it a perfect summer red”

Sparkling Wine, Desert Wines and Ports

What Harry has to say… “Oft, a sparkling wine in the sun… I mean, you can’t go wrong. Or for something a bit different, I really recommend trying the Moscatel do Douro off-chilled… Keep it in the fridge but then let it cool for 45 minutes before drinking it – it’s great to have with a bowl of cashew nuts, or a proper nutty cheese”

Love Cheese x

Written By:

Elle Pimlott
Content & Marketing Manager
Elle is our content and marketing manager and resident red wine and cheese lover.
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