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Botton Summerfields Alpine Cheese

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A hard and full flavoured cheese. The flavour base is nutty with cheddar-like notes.

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This cheese is made by the Botton creamery, a dairy committed not only to top quality cheese but also the total wellbeing of the staff that make up their workforce. Botton village is the community that is made up of adults with learning difficults, who are employed by the dairy to encourage them in a supportive environment to reach their potential. The Summerfields is a Bergkase recipe, not dissimilar from a comte. But made with a milk and on our pasture it’s really a truly innovative cheese balancing out the nuttiness that comes with the recipe with the cheddary note. Their full-flavoured milk is from the small herd of 46 Shorthorn cows, notorious for superb cheesemaking milk. Having been aged 12 months it is rich and and powerful. Top work, top cheese.

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