Cantal Entre-Deaux Hard Cheese

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Made from cow’s milk, this hard, aged cheese is famously straight from France’s Auvergne region.

Cantal Entre Deux is the mid-aged cheese in the Cantal cheese family, matured for 90 to 120 days to give it its well-ripened texture.

You’ll get the scent of butter and cream, as well as an earthy, slightly tangy and nutty taste that’s been a classic for over 2,000 years.

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Flavour Profile

Matured for at least three months, Cantal Entre Deux is classically aged. The Cantal owes its shape and texture to double pressing: the crushing gives it its supple and melting texture.

Cantal cheese became famous thanks to its fruity flavour, though you’ll also notice the flavours and aromas of cream and butter balanced with pepper and spices.

Drink pairing

A classic cheese needs a stylish wine to match. Our choice? An elegant, summery Muscadet, AOP Drouet 2018 from the Loire Valley. It’s dry and light, so pairs perfectly with a crumbly cheese.

About the producer

Produced in the pastures of Haute Auvergne with a rainy climate and difficult soils, Cantal cheese has a high milk content. In fact, 400 litres of cow’s milk are needed to produce a 40Kg piece of Cantal cheese. The milk is processed while still warm, or warmed in tanks. The cheese maker wipes it with a cloth and turns it regularly as it matures.

The methods are so well-respected the cheese has been manufactured on the same land for around 2,000 years.

How to enjoy

With a firm texture, enjoy Cantal Entre Deux with crackers, nuts, apple and grapes. We also like crumbling this pressed cheese into a soup or salad, or letting it melt into a gratin or topper for a deliciously milky strong finish to a dish.


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