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Fourme D’Ambert Cheese

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This French classic is semi soft, dense and creamy. Well balanced.

Fourme d’Ambert has a natural rind that adds to its sharp, tangy flavours.

Slightly tangy, savoury flavour infused by the bacteria, beautifully complements the distinct notes of butter and cream.

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Quote from the Cheesemonger:

“It is quite possible that one of your ancestors 50 generations ago enjoyed Fourme d’Ambert.” – Harry B.


This is an important piece of French cheese history, with strong evidence suggesting that it is at least 1200 years old! It is one of France’s oldest cheeses.

Fourme d’Ambert is from the Auvergne region and in contrast to the harsh, rugged terrain this cheese is known as “the connoisseurs blue” for it’s unique mildness and balanced flavour. This cheese remains to this day the benchmark for a mild blue cheese, with earthy undertones that couple the sweeter creamy flavour that linger on the palate. Milk from cows grazing on either lower or higher mountain pastures is used to produce the cheese. Although the cheese matures in 40 days, it is cave-aged for two-three months for optimum quality. The cheese is inoculated with Penicillium roqueforti spores for the growth of blue veins.

Fourme d’Ambert is a very wine-friendly cheese, and wine connoisseurs can enjoy the cheese with Sauternes and other dessert wines. As well as full-bodied reds such as Cote du Rhone’s, Pinot Noir’s and Syrah.

Try this cheese as a snack with bread and fruit, or crumble it on salads. A little drizzle of honey is also a great addition.

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