Saturday 6th April 2024 – Love Cheese and Brew York present “New Beers Eve” Virtual Tasting

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An American holiday that seemed too fun to miss! We’re pairing up with Brew York and will be taking you on a beer and cheese extravaganza!

Beer and cheese is an amazing combination, with the flavour complimenting each other in a whole new dynamic.

This is perfect for any beer lovers or those of you who love to try something new – as we will be pairing some incredible beers with their perfect cheese match… showing you just how amazing beer and cheese go together!

In the (2-person) box:

  • 5 beers (330-440ml)
  • 5 portions of Cheese (roughly 80g each)
  • A pairings menu.
  • Tasting instructions.

Harry Baines, or as he’s known in the streets, ‘The Big Cheese’, will informally guide you through the menu and pairings LIVE on Facebook at 8:00pm GMT on Saturday 6th April 2024.

Quote from the Cheesemonger:

After a very busy run of beer and cheese tastings with Brew York in 2023. It’s time to bring Brew York into our virtual world in 2024! – Jordan

A beer and cheese selection designed for two people – delivered right to your door. Followed by a guided video experience hosted by the Big Cheese, Harry Baines, LIVE on Facebook on Saturday 6th April. Tune in to a completely unique experience, and enjoy the finer things in life from your sofa.

How it works?

Sign in to your Facebook account, and live-stream the Big Cheese at 8.00pm on Saturday 6th April 2024 as he guides you through this unique tasting experience. This tasting is a fantastic way to sample different flavours as we offer you bespoke pairings of 5 beers and 5 kinds of cheese. Harry will guide you through each pairing and ensure that your weekends are entertaining and informative (if not a little tipsy)!


Delivery is included in the price. We will send out your tasting box, which will arrive on either Thursday or Friday before the event.

Where to keep your box

When your tasting box arrives, put the cheese in the fridge straight away. Keep the beers chilled too.

When to serve the cheese

Make sure to take the cheeses out of the fridge beforehand (we recommend an hour to an hour-and-a-half before the live event). It wants to come down to room temperature before you taste it.

The cheeses go well with your choice of bread, crackers, and chutney, and you can also serve them with olives and meat. Get creative! There are no wrong accompaniments here.

Order your Virtual Cheese Tasting kit today to make sure you’ve got everything you need before the LIVE event on Saturday evening (Saturday 6th April 2024 @ 8.00pm).

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