Tomme de Luzac Hard Cheese

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This sweet and nutty cheese is expertly produced for a slightly creamy taste with low-fat content.

A hard sheep’s cheese from the Tomme cheese family, it’s typically slightly soft and delicately creamy with a nutty taste, thanks to ageing for three to six months.

Straight from France’s Southern Lozère region, the distinctive flavour of Tomme de Lozac makes it a great aperitif. Pair it with a clean and fresh wine.

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Flavour Profile

The plants and grasses the ewes graze on in rocky territories give this cheese its unique  flavour.

Tomme de Lozac is characteristically nutty and sweet, with a smooth, close-textured paste in its pale-grey rind. You’ll pick up slightly milky, lanolin tastes, with flavours of herbs and grass from the cheeses produced in summer months.

Drink pairing

Tomme de Lozac pairs well with a light and fresh white. Something simple and clean, like a white Burgundy, complements its unique flavour. We recommend Bourgogne Aligoté from Domaine Rollin Père et fils for an easy-drinking match for this sweet cheese.

About the producer

The ewes are mountain-farmed using traditional methods on the rocky territory of the Causse Méjean, giving the sheep’s cheese a really unique flavour. It’s produced by ladling curds into form by hand, pressing them, then ageing them.

The expert yet small producer has 11 folks and 25000 Lacaune’s breed ewes on 33000 Hectares in Southern Lozère. Here, Tomme de Lozac’s taste comes thanks to the rich flora the ewes graze on.

How to enjoy

Capture the individual taste of the cheese by enjoying alone: it’s great as an aperitif or starter. We love pairing ours with a fresh, clean wine.


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