Ewe’s milk cheese is such an underrated cheese. Being lactose free, low in fat and high in vitamins in minerals, make them some of the healthiest cheeses for you as well. Sheeps milk is probably Harry’s favourite selection.

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Manchego Semi Curado Cheese

This fruity, sweet ewe’s milk cheese will have your mouth watering.

A hard, brittle cheese with a surprising moistness. The flavour yields a grassy, tangy after-note.

Manchego has a beautifully intricate, but inedible rind.

£7.60 Per 200g
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Spenwood Hard Cheese

A hard-pressed cheese made from unpasteurised ewe’s milk, Spenwood is matured for nine months with a thin, natural rind.

Its rennet is suitable for vegetarians, making it a great substitute that loses none of the cheese’s deep flavour and supple texture.

Hard, rich and nutty, Spenwood tastes great in pasta and risotto dishes.

£7.00 200g
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Tomme de Luzac Hard Cheese

This sweet and nutty cheese is expertly produced for a slightly creamy taste with low-fat content.

A hard sheep’s cheese from the Tomme cheese family, it’s typically slightly soft and delicately creamy with a nutty taste, thanks to ageing for three to six months.

Straight from France’s Southern Lozère region, the distinctive flavour of Tomme de Lozac makes it a great aperitif. Pair it with a clean and fresh wine.

£3.40 Per 200g
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Wigmore Cheese

A delicately balanced ewe’s milk Brie.

Distinct floral and fruity notes that are silky on the palate.

Wigmore is a traditional hand-made washed curd cheese, a method of cheese-making used widely across Europe

£7.00 Per 200g
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