Smoked Westcombe Cheese

£7.25 Per 200g

Who doesn’t love smoked cheese? 

With a deep, complex, mellow base flavour, this smoked Cheddar has a richly aromatic and deeply smokey flavour. An interplay of tangy and woody flavours in a creamy paste.

Enjoy on it’s own or use it to cook with to infuse some brilliant campfire richness.





Cow's Milk

Flavour Profile: This comes from Westcombe Dairy and is a smoked version of their classic Westcombe Cheddar. It has a beautifully cream texture and the smoking process leads to gorgeous flavours of coffee and caramel notes that create a deep, complex and nutty cheese.

Drink Pairing: A lovely deep red! This would go with our Wine of the Month, Vintrigue Pinot Noir but it would also go with deeper wines such as Hacienda di Calidad Malbec or San Marzano Talo. 

About the Maker: “The Calver family farm two farms with 400 cows and make unpasteurised Cheddar daily, using methods passed down over many generations. Tom Calver is the most recent generation working in the dairy. Under his guidance the cheese has gone from strength to strength as he has adjusted the recipe and refined the maturing.”

How to Enjoy: This is a great one on its own but is also a brilliant cooking cheese adding a campfire richness to burgers, melts, and bakes.


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