Murcia al Vino Cheese

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Murcia al Vino is a goats cheese from the Murcia region of Spain.

It’s name literally translates to “drunken goat” and this is due to the red-wine bath the cheese receives, giving it a distinct purple rind.

Murcia al Vino is a hard yet creamy goats’ cheese that is slightly milder compared to others.

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Flavour Profile: Expect soft, fruity and delicate flavours from this semi firm cheese with a creamy and smooth texture.  If you’re one who normally passes on the goat cheese – this might just be mild enough for you to enjoy!

Drink Pairing: Light-bodied whites and rose’s all the way with this cheese! We love it with Mesta Rose or Verdejo!

About the Maker: “To achieve DOP certification, this specialty cheese must start with the fatty, protein-rich milk from the region’s Murciana goats. The free-ranging animals feed on the wild herbs and grasses growing in the arid Mediterranean region, giving the milk a distinct flavour particularly well suited to cheese making. Starter culture and rennet added to the pasteurised milk cause curds to form.”

How to Enjoy: This is great on a cheese board. It’s colour makes for a fantastic talking point. Try with buttermilk crackers and fig chutney for ultimate flavour. 


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