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Fourme D’Ambert Cheese

This French classic is semi soft, dense and creamy. Well balanced.

Fourme d’Ambert has a natural rind that adds to its sharp, tangy flavours.

Slightly tangy, savoury flavour infused by the bacteria, beautifully complements the distinct notes of butter and cream.

£5.30 Per 250g
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Gruyère Cheese

This Gruyere sets itself apart with its intensely nutty and buttery character.

Having matured for at least 10 months, this Gruyère AOP has a more assertive and intensely aromatic character.

£7.60 Per 200g
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Hebridean Blue Cheese

A mature blue, with the strength of a highlander.

Spicy, salty and creamy. Hebridean Blue is one of Scotland’s most iconic cheeses.

Full salt, full acid, full heat.


£6.60 Per 250g
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Jurrasien Hard Cheese

A hard, raw cow’s milk cheese, Jurassien is gaining popularity as it hails from the famous Jura mountain region in East France.

The name comes courtesy of its youthful qualities: it’s like a younger Comté, so is sweet, fruity and versatile.

Ripened for at least six months, it still keeps the fresh taste that makes it part of the family of some of the finest cheeses in the world.

£5.00 Per 200g
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Keens Cheddar Cheese

A tangy and intense farmhouse cheddar, with a distinct fresh citrus bite.

Tangy and rich, this extra-matured, unpasteurised Cheddar wakes up even the most drab of cheese boards.

£7.20 Per 200g.
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Lancashire Bomb Cheese

Luxuriously creamy, strong and sharp with a slight sweetness and a touch of acid.

The bombs have a full flavoured taste that leaves you wanting more.

The Lancashire Bomb is presented in a traditional black wax.

£10.00 Each. (aprx. 460g)
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Montagnolo Affine Cheese

The perfect introductory blue.

Smooth and creamy like a ripe brie, with the lightly biting nature of blue.

Montagnolo Affine is a surface-ripened, triple cream cheese with a soft, velvety natural rind.

£6.85 Per 250g
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Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese

Classic and brilliant.

Initially sharp, packing fruity and salty flavours then mellowing to a deep buttery finish.

This crystalline, grainy textured cheese has a beautifully strong and full aroma.

£8.00 Per 200g
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Richard III Wensleydale Cheese

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Slightly tart with a gentle sweetness. Creamy and milky.

King Richard III is a traditional, cloth-bound, cows’ milk cheese that’s moist and creamy, with a honeyed flavour and lower acidity than modern, mass-produced Wensleydale cheeses, and a world away in flavour.

When young, this cheese is clean and fresh tasting, with a mild, slightly lemony, lactic flavour that becomes honeyed.

£6.85 Per 250g
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Smoked Northumberland Cheese

Traditionally oak-smoked, with a smooth texture and a mild smokey flavour.

Smoked Northumberland is primarily a smooth and mellow cheese, with long-lasting overtones of smokiness.

A good place to start on a journey into artisan smoked cheese.

£6.50 Per 200g
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St James Soft Cheese

St James Cheese focuses on high-quality and unique flavours, making only a limited amount of cheese at their small Cumbrian dairy.

A washed-rind cheese created using traditional methods, it’s made daily from the warm, unpasteurised milk of the dairy’s flock of Lacaune ewes.

St James Cheese aims to deliver unusual flavours, which you’ll find in the different complex tastes you’ll get from just one single bite.

£7.00 per 200g
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Starnachas Hard Cheese

Voted World’s Best Cheese at the International Cheese Awards, Stärnächäs is one of our Love Cheese favourites.

A hard cow’s milk cheese that’s sweet, robust and nutty, it’s perfectly ripened having been aged for just eight months.

There’s a smooth yet supple texture, with an odd crystal and a few small holes dotted throughout the paste.

£6.50 200g
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